FR: Editor for "chanelstrip" plugin mapping

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FR: Editor for "chanelstrip" plugin mapping

Post by basicX » Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:55 am

just a simple idear...

actually i would like to use the CS in nuendo, but i just don't like to use most of the plugins in it...
i guess most of the "pro" users have their trusted plugins they use day in and day out.
For what i understand, the chanelstrip is just a simple mapping of the most needed controlls of the SB plugins.
Why don't you (SB) creat a easy editor to choose controlls for any third party plugin to be used in the CS.
For example i like to use the Fabfilter C2, or the Sonnox Dynamics a lot... so, it would be cool to have a simple mapping editor like: here we have the threshold, the attack, release... and so on... then, i would be easy to have it correctly mapped in the CS... of course, i don't like to add all new controlls, just to select which is which for a certain ´plugin and then have it mapped in the CS to be used ... keep the 3 to 5 controlls concept, just let me choose the plugin and the the programm which controll is the right one...

Can't be such a big deal to code ;-) !

Hope someone like the idear...

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