HALion 6.0.15 / HALion Sonic (SE) 3.0.15 Hotfix

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HALion 6.0.15 / HALion Sonic (SE) 3.0.15 Hotfix

Post by Matthias Quellmann » Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:11 pm

Today we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the hotfix update versions 6.0.15 for HALion and 3.0.15 for HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE.

An issue has been resolved where Zones were played detuned with unison disabled, if a unison detune value was set.

Download HALion 6.0.15

Download HALion Sonic 3.0.15

Download HALion Sonic SE 3.0.15
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